Physical training Is Of Some Good Values.

Elijah @ Estuado Du Dawaki April 9, 2021 19.00Hrs.

Very good evening to you.

How fast a time flies! Tomorrow, Saturday will be another enthuse day to assemble for exercising our body together as Football Club.

DAS players warming up.

Paul says in 1 Timothy 4:8, NIV: “For physical training is of some values, ………

So, if you fail to exercise your physical body, you’re depriving yourself some good values.

Players in action.

Good values such as:
1. Lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
2. Improve your quality of sleep.
3. Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression . 4. Manage your weight better etc.

Team Captains

Moreover, jogging, warm up and stretching are done before football training.

Therefore, both skillful Captains are ready to give us a little bit of international style of warm up.

The training kick off is 7am. Come fully kitted. Remember to come with your lateness fee if you come after 7am.

Thank you. See you soon.

Prodigious Quaresma’s Hat-trick, Precious set unwanted record, Nedu’s injury scare and agility of DAS members.

Anuolu at Estuado Du Dawaki April 5, 2021. 8PM GMT

Good day everyone. Happy Easter celebration.

When the Nigerian Government declared the Easter public holidays for Friday and Monday, it was a goodnews for members of DAS FC, Abuja-Nigeria.

Every public holiday is a good time for all members of DAS FC to exercise themselves.

Kudos to the Club’s Captains for their initiatives to make members fit with various fitness exercises.

Final scores

Today’s game started brilliantly with both teams aimed at victory. The first attempt of the game came from Quaresma but he fired wide the bar.

In the twinkle of an eye, one of the best midfielders Ekpeyoung open the scoring sheet with scintillating volley outside the box 18 pass the helpless goalkeeper. That’s 1:0 to Team Wine.

Ekpeyoung warming up

With the continuation of Team Black’s struggle at defence, the Club’s All time scorer Quaresma make a statement when he double the lead for Team Wine capitalize on rebound from unsettled goal keeper. That’s 2:0 for team Wine.

Shortly, Precious gave his team a lifeline with his well taken placed ball. That’s 2:1 to team Black.

The tragic moment of the game is when the vibrant striker Precious fired wide the post when he just needed a simple tap into an empty net. Indeed, this is miss of the season so far.

The hardworking striker Precious became the second player in 10 months to miss an open net goal chance with no goalkeeper. In fact, his missed goal rates him as miss of the season so far. Statistics.

Nedu displaying his skills in training.

With much pressure on team Wine, a few minutes diversion of attention at the defence led to one of the hardworking strikers Nedu to equalize for Team Black with astonishing simple tap into the net. That’s 2:2 at half time. That’s his second goal of the season.

Another tragetic moment is when Nedu suffered injury on his right knee, which forced him to end his contributions for his team’s aim at victory. Get well soon my brother.

Second half started with more pressure from Team Black with high tempo of tiki-taka, long passes from likes of Emeka, Jude, Neymar, Benard and Jojo from defence. This high tempo led to Ebeh’s 9th goal of the season after the goal keeper fumbles. That’s 3:2 to Team Black.

The return of predatory instinct striker Ebeh show his worth with cool heading in an open net. Though series of chances were saved by goalkeeper through his effort shorts on target.

The likes of Ekpeyoung, Bekobay and Nude dictates the tone from the midfield with fantastic one-time pass. Shortly, vibrant and experiencd striker Quaresma make it 3:3 with tantalizing assist from Ekpeyoung.

Chuks is a talented midfielder. His introduction into the game in less than 10 minutes provided a gangertuan looping goal. Though, he was applauded for his efforts. That’s 4:3 to team Black.

The game became more intensed and creativity of defenders Vandijk and Patoe didn’t go unnoticed with series of interceptions and clearance.

Quaresma full of joy after helping his team to avoid defeat.

For the past few months, goals have proved difficult for the club’s all time scorer Quaresma. But today, he shows his critics why he was once named two-time highest goals scorer and predatory instinct striker with his excellent and scintillating hat-trick. One in first half and two in second half.

This is first hat-trick in 9 months and 7th hat-tricks in 7 years for the club . The third goal came after Ekpeyoung’s focused well pass. Though, the lively and hardworking midfielder Ekpeyoung deserves to be tagged as king of assists from the beginning of this season. Prior to today’s game, his performances dropped without no goal, assist or win in the last 2 games.

Ekpeyoung in action

But if the talented midfielder can continue with his creative, non relenting marking and scintillating passes, he will surely be a game changer for his team and the sky will be his limit.

He keeps his team from being defeated with his hardworking marking and split passes to his three up front attackers Quaresma, Cj and Gabby.

Quaresma’s hat-trick

Towards the dying minutes of the game, the Club’s centurion striker Quaresma make it 4:4 with his calm, scoscurant and bird eye’s goal. His cool finish make him a joint scorer in the Statistics of highest goal scorers for this season with 5 goals, level with Gabby and 4 goals behind the club’s no.1 top scorer Ebeh.

Ebeh (right) Ekpeyoung (left) warming up in training
Veterans defenders Vandijk and Patoe

The duo reliable Clubs’ defenders Patoe and Vandijk prevented their team from being defeated with their agility and experience. They sometimes enter midfield to break up the counter attack. They intercepted a lot of killer passes from the opponents. Kudos to you guys.

DAS FC warming up

Since last good Friday, all members have been active in training that runs from Friday, Saturday and Monday.

The individual’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The dedication of members is tremedously unspeakable with determine and soccint performances. In fact, what a trascedence outfit!

I don’t think any other All Stars clubs in Abuja can put on this kind of astonishing, resilience and mentality of keeping fit. Indeed, these are heart-trilling and hairraising performances from individuals. One Love!

Club Football History & Statistics noticed that this is first time in 4 games in which both teams canceled each other and share the spoilt of the final scores Statistics.

Thanks for your time. See you again next Saturday when I come your way with fresh records and statistics.

Statsources: Club Football History & Statistics.

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Team Black lines up: JoJo, Barnabas, CJ1, Lucky, Okwi, Emeka, Precious, Kaype, Jude (Sub. Ebeh, Ebuka, Chucks, Benard, Neymar)

Team Wine lines up: Vandijk, Patoe, Ajiba, Ochibe, Ekpeyoung, Friday, CJ2, Quaresma, Ekobay, Nude (Sub. Obina, Donclue )

Resilience of Duo Captains, West’s New Record, Jude’s form, Ene’s injury scare and Veterans defenders set unwanted Record.

Anuolu at Estuado Du Dawaki April 3, 2021. 11.00AM GMT

Happy Easter Sunday. I welcome you to another exciting training reports from Dawaki All Stars FC Abuja, Nigeria.

Final scores

The weather is friendly and the turf is okay for foamy football. The players are in good shape for scintillating football.

However, for the past few weeks, each player’s mentality has been transformed as none wants to be tagged “push over”.

When the selection was made, an eyebrow was raised over the inclusion of the two clubs’ captains Ene and Ebeh playing in the same team.

I know their opponent will be in serious trouble. The men in black shirt were eager and ready to roar like a lion in the jungle.

Captain Ene in action.

The first half was well managed by in form Jude, Bekobay and Uduak in the midfield while likes of CJ and Gabby pull the strings from flanks. The midfield engine room has been in fine form since the inception of this season. His beautiful goal cap his delicious performance.

The scary moment of the game is when he limps off due to injury known to be muscle tear. But according to the report, we may likely to have him back on the pitch as soon as possible. Get fit soon able Skippo.

Vice Captain Ebeh in training giving instruction.

The predatory instinct striker Ebeh marked his comeback with scoscurant performances. His brace helped his team to win the game. Goals have proved difficult for the experience club’s no.1 striker but he silenced his critiques with well taken two goals. Nice one.

West in action.

The international and experience player West has been in fantastic form in the past few weeks. He set another record today when he avoided defeat for his first break selections. He was seen everywhere across the back four.

CFH&S noticed that his best position is at the back but sometimes he goes up front to mesmerize in front of goals. West became the third player to avoid defeat in the last four games he has started.

He hasn’t tasted defeat in the last 4 games. Though his experience in international football also counts for the energetic defender. Well done.

The vibrant and never say die striker Victor pulled one goal back in the hope of breath life to his team. He tries his best but one tree cannot make the forest as co-striker on the flanks could help the matter. That’s 3:1 to Team Black in first half.

Jude and Uduak in training warm up

The two combative midfielders continue with their fine form from the first half to second half. The officer Jude being a Captain of his team left no stone unturned as he was chasing every ball and pushing the attack. Indeed, it was a fine display from one of best DAS FC holding midfield at the moment.

Jude captains his team to hard fought win. I think he has qualities to become the club captain in the nearest future. Though, he is vocal-less.

His compatriot Uduak, also not relented in his efforts to mark anything markable with energetic movement. His today’s performance shouldn’t go unnoticed. Kudos to my name sake.

The second half offer a glimpse of hope for both teams. The introduction of Papay, Quaresma, Lucky, David, Ebuka, Zabaleta, Precious, Kaype, Nude, OJ, Chimezie and Jojo change the face of the game.

Team Wine dominates the second half from the beginning to the end with their intensity in search of equalizer but only joy they could get is for Chimezie to convert from the penalty sport. That 2:3 to Team Wine.

Vandijk and Patoe action.

CFH&S confirms the duo’s performance in today’s training wasn’t enough. The unwanted record set by these veterans defenders. Vandijk became the first defender to taste defeat in 7 games he has started.

Meanwhile, another experienced and veteran Patoe make it straight four losses in a row. Though, his vocal and arrangements from the back also saved his team from conceding more goals in second half.

The return of Veteran defender Ogidi make a statement in first half coordinating from back. What a time to do that. The cameo of Club’s Chairman OJ did not last up to 10 minutes before he limps off.

Likewise the return of Jojo to take in charge of Team Black in second half cannot go hidden. He commands his team from defense and intercept a lot of passes that could prove detrimental to his CV.

Club Football History and Statistics (CFH&S) observed the capability of vice captain Ebeh mostly in dying minutes of the game.

He was there to command from defence and encouraging his team mates to track back and gain ball. When his team looks likely to throw away two goals lead from first half. Indeed, you are a leader.

In second half. The restore to the defense team Black adds a steel. The foamy and energetic Jojo knows he is in for business. He sets the tone and clears any dangerous ball. He marshalls the defense with Ebuka at the left wing back and Lucky at the right wing. Though, he always remind you of your primary assignment in any position you play from.

CFH&S also noticed the impact made by return colossal defenders Ogidi and Barnabas for their compact in defense.

The likes of Papay, Ayan, Zabaleta, Kaype and co. when introduced in second half dazzle for team Wine but they couldn’t prove to be the saviour of their time.

The introduction of vibrant and experience strikers Sir Austin, Precious, Quaresma and co. tormented defenders but ruin their chances.

Both teams could have won but team Black managed to carve out a victory.

Thanks for your time. See you next time.

Please drop your comments below.

Statsource: Club Football History & Statistics.

Gabby’s return, Nude’s record and OJ sends warning.

Quaresma at Estuado Du Dawaki April 2, 2021. 11.00AM

Good afternoon football Lovers of Dawaki All Stars FC, Abuja, Nigeria.

I welcome you all to yesterday’s training report.

DAS FC players are set for another busy few days of football between Friday to Monday.

This is due to public holidays in Nigeria to mark Easter celebration.

When information from Club’s Captain and his Assistant was posted regarding to training that will see players train from Friday, Saturday and Monday. The news was delighted by the lovers.

Gabby for team Wine

The return of chubby attacker Gabby raised an eyebrow with his sparkling brace. He came out from the wilderness of goals drought in the last 3 games.

He silenced the critiques with his first half well taken free kick to strengthen the lead after Nude’s record goal. And the last goal came after an error from an experienced goalkeeper Jumbo. A well placed ball left goalkeeper jaw dropped.

Though, he could have scored up to six goals if he was clinical enough in front of goalposts.

I was wondering, where were the the veterans defenders. They left helplessly, but deed has been done in a fashionable way. Kudos to you.

Nude in action

Records are made and broken in a matter of seconds. It has been noticed by CFH& S, Nude created another record by becoming the first player to score the fastest goal in 9 months.

For a while now, scoring goals have been difficult for unrelenting and determined striker Nude. He made a statement with his wonderful and dazzling well placed goal past helpless goalkeeper after Yemi failed to clear the ball in front of his post. That’s 1:0 to Team Wine.

Club Chairman, OJ in action.

In football, experience is one of the key criterias to identify a good player, most especially in this modern day football.

Labulabu in training full of joy after he guilded his team to victory.

The colosal and Veteran defenders OJ and Vandijk showed their true colors and did their best to silence not sparkling and deep form of opponent attackers.

Colossal defender OJ carried out his responsibilities perfectly. Shortly, his experienced partner in crime was introduced in person of Lucky, Labulabu to solidify their defense with combined efforts of Vandijk and in form West.

Moreover, combination of Skippo-Ene and in form officer Jude had a steel in the heart of midfield.

Though, the men in black shirt did their best to keep themselves in the game but their best is not enough to alter the outcome of the scores. Many scoring chances were created by the midfielders but their strikers were unable to them count.

It is also observed by Club Football History and Statistics (CFH&S), this is third time consecutively, which only one team had score in a game while the opponent failed to hit the back of the net. What a statistics!

Both teams aimed for the victory, they gave their best but Team Black had their way and emerged winners. Well done guys.

Today’s news flash will be published tomorrow – Sunday is another day with report news of today’s game. The headlines are resilience of duo Captains, nightmare for Ene as limps off, West’s new record and downfall of veterans defenders.

Thanks for your time.

Please drop your comments below.

Author’s Scintillating Cross To Precious steer Team Ash to Hard Fought Win And Another Record Set.

Quaresma at Estuado Du Dawaki 27 March, 2021. 10.00AM.

Every last Saturday of the month marks DAS FC Internal Match known as El-Classico. Meanwhile, today’s game creates a record for its self.

The game started brightly with colorful outfit of Club’s jersey in yellow and ash- Team’s traditional jersey.
Team Ash’s quest for an unprecedented selections finally paid off.

Obdurate opponents Team Ash played all their lives on pressing and marking like a lion looking for who to devour. So it was fitting that the pivotal goal came from Team Ash’s with a gorgeous cross from right back Author that led to Precious’s glistering goal, left Patoe and Jojo perplexed. That’s 1:0 to Team Ash.

Team Yellow responded quickly with pressing and pressure coming from the heart of midfield with their sparkling passes. Few shots on target was recorded by top 9 striker Gabby and wingers Anya and Emeka but goalkeeper is alert to do the needful. This is also the indication of seriousness but combative midfielders of Team Ash kept their toes in course for victory.

2nd half. Team Yellow’s extraordinary run has been a triumph of strength in depth and presumably Team captain Gabby could only look on and brought in dynamic trio Nedu, Papay and Quaresma in search of equalizer.

Super substitutions from both teams.

Bubbling passes and chances were created by Ekpeyoung, Emma and Emeka from the midfield of Team yellow but front three attackers ruin their chances. Though, addition of Victor and Nude justify their inclusion with combative marking in the midfield and protected his already guilded defense by Precious and West and Jude sit in front of them dictating the tones from the back. Kudos to you guys.

The introduction of Ebeh’s effort would have added salt to the injury of Team Yellow if his chance was converted, though, his ball was well placed wide off the goal post. Nice vision from the sparkling attacker.

Linesmen and Referee

The officials did their best to control the intensity of the game. Though, there were a lot of errors and unfavorable decisions but referee still have a final say and balance the game. Kudos to the officials.

Team Ash’s man of the match, Precious deserve the accolade with string and classy first goal and mounted the defense with also his scoscurant performances in second half.

Precious in training smiling after kept his team in the game.

The two in-form goalkeepers Chris and Cosmos did their best to keep their team in the game but Cosmos came on top with his clinical clean sheet. Kudos to you.

Both teams started well and they could have won the game but Team Ash’s resilience and combative marking with precise tactics gave them the victory. Well done to you. The game ended 1:0 in favor of Team Ash.

It’s been confirmed by CFH&S, with another record set. This is the first time in 4 El-Classicos in which a team won by only solitary goal. This is also the second time only one team has hit the back of next in 10 games. The last one happened in last game, which ended in 3:0. Statistics.

Thanks for your time. See you next week.

Please drop your comments below.

Lines up for Team Yellow: Patoe, Jojo, Philip, Barnabas, Emeka, Ekpeyoung, Emma, Uduak, Anya, Friday (Captain), Chris (Gk) Substitutes: Nedu, Quaresma, Papay, Benard, Bolaji, Barrister, Anyi.

Lines up for Team Ash: West, Mike, Austin, Author, Skipper-Ene, Okwi (C), Jude, Precious, Chuks, Cj, Cosmos (Gk). Substitutions: Lucky, Donclue, Ebeh, Nude, Chimezie, Ebuka, Zabaleta

DAS: Bad News For DAS FC Ahead Of El-Classico Internal Match Showdown.

March 26, 2021 9.00AM By Quaresma

Good morning everyone. I welcome you again to today’s sport news preview. Relax and enjoy it.

Top 9 strikers

Team Wine and Team Black would be clashing against each other tomorrow, as per their monthly Internal Match showdown known as El-Classico. As Ebeh would clash against his fellow striker Gabby.

Both the two teams shared points at Estuado Du Dawaki, in their last month showdown in which both strikers got their name on the score sheet. Definitely, the game won’t come easy for both sides tomorrow.

According to Club Football History & Statistics, it’s been confirmed, Ebeh and Gabby, the Club’s goal-machine will be fit to play ahead of internal match showdown tomorrow.

However, players have received a bad news ahead of their clash against these two top strikers. The bad news is that for the last two games both strikers have fired blank, either as a result of mean defenders or poor convertion rate. This run of form makes players to be worried about their scoring abilities and convertion of chances when need arises ahead of tomorrow’s showdown.

We all know that striking wizards are indeed brilliant goal-machine, and they have the abilities and capabilities to frustrate any defender tomorrow. Though, three goals separate both of them with Ebeh’s ability counts more than his rival.

Veterans and Experienced defenders

Obviously, the irrepressible likes of Mike, Vandijk, Barnabas, Patoe, OJ, Lucky, Anyi, Jojo, West, CJ, David, Ebuka and the rest are brilliant and talented defenders, but any of them will be on their toes from frustrating them tomorrow and would want to deprive them, from netting against them as to avoid defeat.

Dynamic and vigorous supporting strikers.

In order words, if the said goal-machine continue their misfiring, players can still have hope in effervescent, energetic and vibrant supporting strikers Nedu, Victor, Donclue, CJ, Quaresma, Anya, Nude, Papay, Kaype and others to provide goals and give their team a victory.

Ebullient and sparkling midfielders

However, if all the said supporting strikers fail to meet up with the expectations. Then, all hope is not lost.

The enthusiastic, vibrant and breezy likes of Ene-Skippo, Uduak, Jude, Chuks, Okwi, Fortune, Ekpeyoung, Beko, Bolaji, Emma, Emeka and others can still turn tie onto their heads by either creating chances or hit the back of the net and give their team a worth of victory.

It’s been observed and confirmed by Club Football History & Statistics (CFH&S) that though, Ekpeyoung has a privilege to be an All-star due to his dedication and talent, but in games, he sometimes selects among his strikers who to pass ball to and if he’s notify, he reaction is abbhorent.

Well, I think all the relevant bodies are watching this attitude of no-want-to-be-addressed. Like wise few other players, referee has been forced on many occasions to change his decision, which did not favour them. The referee should be protected at all cost.

(Goal keepers) Chris and Cosmos in training

Head-to-head comparisons: Chris vs. Cosmos. The top two inform goalkeepers from DAS FC. Both had a stellar campaign since the beginning of this season. While Cosmos has recorded more clean sheet more than Chris, the interesting statistics here are saves made and goals conceded. Chris made more errors lead to goals than Cosmos.

Despite recording more clean sheets, Cosmos conceded more goals while Chris made more saves. The evidence shows for Chris when he silenced his critics with clean sheet in the last game while Cosmos had to pick the balls from his own net three times.This indicates both are busy goalkeepers ahead of tomorrow’s showdown and players are eager to see who will step up their statistics to save their team from defeat.

CFH&S also confirmed that last week’s game was the first time in 6 months when both teams failed to hit the back of the next. Amazing.

Tomorrow’s El-Classico as usual, is said to be intense, mouth-watering and handle with all seriousness with each player’s mentality has been transformed with or without balls.

Stat. Sources: Club Football History & Statistics by Quaresma.

Thanks for your time. See you soon tomorrow after El-Classico with news report.

Please drop your comments below.

Anya and Donclue on song and Chris’s Clean Sheet as Team Black outclass rivals Team Wine.

Quaresma at the Estuado Du Dawaki. 21 March, 2021 1.00PM

All players are in a good form and growing more accomplished with every training. Each player’s mentality has been transformed with and without the ball as the weeks go by.

Team Wine, who look increasingly ominous in top form, controlled the game. Skippo-Ene, Emeka, Uduak and Ekpeyoung set the tone in midfield with their tantalizing and sexy one-two passes, winning the ball and using it wisely, and pushing Team Black soon found themselves pushed back.

Team Black’s defense colossal Mike, West, Beko and CJ1 were all unflappable and irrepressible in defence silence top front strikers. There was no way through for Team Wine, who were wasteful when a chance finally arrived, Anya drilling wide with only Cosmos to beat.

Anya at the training

Shortly, breakthrough came from Team Black with their pressing and unbreakable counter attack, which led to Anya’s well placed and conruscant glistering goal. This is his second goal of the season. That’s 1-0 at half time to Team Black.

2nd Half. The injection of Quaresma, Emma, Cj2 and co. offer a glimpse of hope for Team Wine in search of equalizer. But introduction of foamy, dynamic and energetic Jojo, Lucky, Zabaleta to solidify the defence of Team Black cut short the hope.

Donclue’s reaction after scoring a goal

The man of the moment Donclue proved his unrelenting efforts in search of goal, which he did with bubbling and sparkling form.

Late goals from Donclue and Obina dented the hope of equalizer and broke resistance experienced defence of Patoe, David and Anyi as Team Black kept their quest for the victory of the day. That’s 3-0 to Team Black.

Donclue’s scintillating goal surpassed head to head of Bolaji, which has never hit the back of the net for almost a year. Though, he made a superb assist to Ebeh’s winning goal 4 months back.

Chris at training warming up

Records are set and broken. Chris’s first clean sheet for the first time in one year raised an eyebrow with his spirit lighted and vivacious performance. He kept his team for the rest of the game. Given his threat from set-pieces, saves and alert were the type of performance that looked like it might bring success in the nearest future. But the Club is concern about his consistent week in, week out.

The game was intensed and full of energy and dynamic with likes of Papay, Cj2, Quaresma, OJ, Barnabas, Uduak, Jude, Mike, West, Ene, Beko, Nedu, Zabaleta proved their worth.

This type of performance from both teams should guarantee confidence for match winning either away or home.

Both teams should have won but resilience and pressing from Team Black made a difference of the day.

Team Black

Thank you for your time. See you next week.

Please drop your comment.

Stat source: Club Football History and Statistics by Quaresma

Anya and Donclue Donclue on song and Chris’s Clean Sheet as Team Black outclass rivals Team Wine.

Quaresma at Estuado Du Dawaki Sun. 21 March, 2021. 10.00AM.

Good morning everyone. I welcome you to today’s sport news. Enjoy it.

All players are in superb form growing more accomplished with every training. Each player’s mentality has been transformed with and without the ball.

The game started brightly with both teams aimed for victory. Team Wine, who look increasingly ominous in a place, controlled the game. Skippo-Ene, Emeka and Ekpeyoung set the tone in midfield, winning the ball and using it wisely, with a lot of scintillating passes and one-two touch, and Team Black soon found themselves pushed back.

From start to finish, the game was intensed as no player is pushed over. Team Wine’s dominance nearly paid off when chances were created but their front attackers were nowhere to be found.

Despite dominating possession for a while, Team Black, struggled in front of goal for most of the game, with Nedu and Ebeh’s poorly hit shot tipped round the post by vivacious number one-choice keeper Chris.

The Team Black’s defense was well marshalled with colossal defenders Mike, Beko, West and CJ2.

Team Black’s strength in depth makes the difference when Anya converted the second chance created by his team with extremely superb and conruscant finish pass sexy goal keeper Cosmos. This is his second goal of the season and he did it a foamy form. That’s 1-0 at half time.

2nd Halftime substitutions offers a glimpse of hope for Team Wine with injection of Quaresma, Emma, CJ2 and co.

Team Wine dominates the first 20 minutes in search of equalizer with tantalizing spreading passes from Emma, Ekpeyoung but introduction of Jojo and Lucky solidify the Team Black’s defense

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